Syrian Kurds are using American weapons: Erdogan

Syrian Kurds are using American weapons: Erdogan
ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that US supplied weapons are being used by Syrian Kurds against civilians in Ankara terror attacks.


He claimed that YPG is responsible for suicide car bomb attack in Ankara and US is supporting the militia organization.


He claimed to hold a meeting with US President Baarack Obama about US support to Syrian Kurds.


He said “I will tell him, look at how and where those weapons you provided were fired.”


He urged US to take action against YPG and recognize it as a militant group.


A convoy of military vehicles was targeted in a suicide car bomb in Turkish capital Ankara on Wednesday which lead to killing of 28 people, mostly military personnel.


Turkey blamed YPG for the attack but it denied its involvement in the attack.


Turkey claimed that bomber was a Syrian national and member of YPG named Salih Necar. The government has also arrested 14 people in nationwide raids.


However US denied recognizing the PYD as a terrorist organization.


US support and consider Syrian Kurdish PYD group a useful ally in the fight against IS.


Turkey claimed that US dropped 28 bundles of military supplies in 2014 which has ended up in the hands of IS and PYD/YPG and they are using it against the civilians.