Prime Minister Imran Khan refuse to surrender

Prime Minister Imran Khan refuse to surrender

LAHORE – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday has refused to surrender before the corrupt elite of Pakistani politicians.

He said that politicians ruled over Pakistan but made properties abroad.

“The rulers continued to loot the country. Why did the nation tolerated them?” he questioned while addressing at the special ceremony in Lahore to highlight the performance of PTI’s Punjab Government in first 100 days.

"PTI government will not back down from holding the corrupt leaders accountable. We will not compromise over corruption. The furture of the country will be at stake if those involved in corruption are not jailed and taken to task," he declared explicitly.

“Today’s difficulties are the result of past mistakes. How can those worry about Pakistan who have their vested interests abroad,” he emphasized.

Imran Khan said he came into politics to rid the country of corruption.

Referring to the protest of opposition on NAB cases, he said these cases were set up during the tenure of previous government and PTI government has no role in it.

He said the only difference is that incumbent government did not stop the accountability process as done previously