CPEC: Only Rs 300 billion spent on Balochistan out of Rs 5,000 billions

CPEC: Only Rs 300 billion spent on Balochistan out of Rs 5,000 billions

QUETTA - Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) lawmaker Sanaullah Baloch tabled the resolution for rights of Balochistan in CPEC which was backed by legislators from both treasury and opposition benches demanding an equal share for the province.

"Balochistan's current share under CPEC is only 4.5 per cent," Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal said while commenting on the resolution. If we don’t include Gwadar Port and HUBCO projects, then “Balochistan's share in CPEC is reduced to a meagre one percent”, Jam Kamal complained.

While talking about the feasibility of the resolution, Baloch said the "western route [of CPEC] has been completely ignored and all projects have been diverted towards the eastern route".

“Balochistan has been ignored in the $62billion [CPEC] project in terms of development schemes and allocation of funds,” read the resolution. Despite having a wide coastal belt and plenty of mineral resources, Balochistan has repeatedly been denied its due share, the BNP-M lawmaker said.

Baloch mentioned that 99 per cent investment was done with regards to industrial development on the eastern route, ignoring Balochistan.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal further complained that during the last five years the province was ignored by Islamabad and that only Rs300 billion out of the Rs5,000 billion were spent in Balochistan.