Israeli Army martyrs two Palestinian in Gaza as protests intensified

Israeli Army martyrs two Palestinian in Gaza as protests intensified

RIYADH - Israeli troops shot dead at least two Palestinians on Friday, a Gaza health official said, as protests intensified against Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel 's capital.

A U.N. General Assembly resolution passed on Thursday, rejecting U.S. President Donald Trump's Dec. 6 Jerusalem declaration, did little to calm Palestinian anger over his reversal of decades-old U.S. policy on the contested holy city.

Instead, thousands of Palestinian protesters, many of them throwing rocks, confronted Israeli security forces along the Gaza border fence, in all of occupied West Bank's seven cities and in East Jerusalem.

In Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, smoke from burning tires billowed in the street, just two days before Christmas celebrations.

Israeli gunfire killed two Palestinians in a confrontation in the southern Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the Palestinian Health Ministry said, putting the number of wounded at 40, half of them shot with live ammunition and the rest with rubber bullets. Others were overcome by tear gas.

In a statement, the Israeli military said some 2,000 Palestinians had faced off against the troops at the Gaza border fence. It said the crowd threw stones and rolled burning tires at soldiers, who responded with "riot dispersal" measures and "fired live rounds selectively towards main instigators".

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