How much aid US has given to Pakistan since 2001

How much aid US has given to Pakistan since 2001

ISLAMABAD - Since 2001 (the first year after the start of America’s so-called ‘War on Terror’) and 2016, Pakistan received a total of $ 33.4 billion from United States.

44% of it, $ 14.57 billion, was the payment against the infrastructure and services of Pakistan used by the Americans. That leaves $ 18.8 billion paid as ‘aid.’

These figures have been compiled by US’ own institutions.

These figures may lead just about anyone to see them as ‘massive’. But the size of a payment is always meaningless unless seen in comparison with the cost it is being paid against.

Figures tell us that America’s devastating war in the region – with its fall-outs well felt over Pakistan now – has cost the Islamic Republic over $ 123 billion in the same period of past 16 years. This is more than six times of what the Americas boast as ‘aid.’

Since 2009, when the whole discourse was overly appreciative of the ‘aid’ flowing into Pakistan, that what Islamabad gets from Washington is much less than even what should be an appropriate reimbursement for being a front-line state in the American-led campaign. Facts coming out now are proving the same.

It would be useful and interesting to highlight here that during the single financial year of 2010-11, Pakistan’s losses from terrorists’ actions against it were over $ 23 billion, considerably more than America’s total ‘aid’ over past 16 years until now.

Even when we analyze the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) payments to Pakistan, we find that this has a been a case of ‘too late and too little’ as Americans have not only withheld some payments for long but paid actually much less than what was calculated and billed as costs by Pakistan.

In this scenario, it is absolutely nonsense of a leader of such an important country to expect from a nation like Pakistan to feel obliged to do what he or his country wants, especially so when the feeling in Pakistan is that doing the same would be against Pakistan’s own national interests.

Let us also make it clear – and both civilian and military leaders from Pakistan have made it clear many a times – that Islamabad was not, is not and will not fight against terrorism for money, for any aid, at all.

Past four years have seen American payments to Pakistan decline even further. For this year’s budget, the American Congress has authorized only $ 700 million for Pakistan – half of which is conditional to the confirmation of the Secretary of Defense that Pakistan is ‘cooperating’ as they would like too.