Anti Pakistan JuA Commander killed in Afghanistan

Anti Pakistan JuA Commander killed in Afghanistan

PESHAWAR: Abdur Rauf, an important commander and cousin of Abdul Wali Mohmand, also known as Omar Khalid Khorasani, Commander of notorious Jamaat ul Ahraar, has been gunned down in Afghanistan, say police.

There are several reports suggesting that Rauf was killed by Khorasani himself after his intentions were found to be clear – to surrender to Pakistan Army and abandon militancy. Some reports about a rival group killing him had also surfaced.

Rauf alias Abbasi Mohmand was not only a close relative of JuA amir Korasani but was also his personal guard in the past.

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“If you have been chosen as a personal guard to protect Abdul Wali Mohmand round the clock, it means that you are among the select few who are trustworthy enough to do the job and you are also among the elite group of militants who make the core of Abdul Wali-led Ahrar,” said a police official on the condition of anonymity, adding that the elimination of a commander this close was a clear-cut sign about the differences in the ranks of the militant group which until recently was considered as one of the most organised and largest militant groups battling security forces in Fata and carrying out attacks in Pakistan.

Rauf was a resident of Qandharo area of Safi tehsil in Mohmand Agency and was considered very loyal and close to Khorasani.

Previously, there were confirmed reports that a large number of aides of Khorasani had parted ways and formed a new group Hizbul Ahrar under the leadership of Mukaram Khan Mohmand after which many important militants joined the newly formed outfit and even released a video to confirm their affiliation with Mukaram.

Earlier, a video had appeared on social media in which Mukaram claimed that he had been attacked and injured, confirming the nature of serious differences with Khorasani.

Later, a video with an audio message from Mukaram appeared in which he blamed JuA’s leadership of doing things which were not allowed in Islam, including carrying out bomb attacks in public places like the Wagah Border attack and attacking Christians in Lahore despite the fact that those Christians had not taken up arms against militants.

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