Afro T20 league: What happened with Pakistani players in Uganda

Afro T20 league: What happened with Pakistani players in Uganda

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board said on Thursday night that it is currently looking into the incident which has taken place in Uganda during the Afro T20 League and once complete information is received, further course of action will be advised.

The Afro league ended in a fiasco as the sponsors of the backed out of its commitment with the players, commentators and allied staff of the event, leaving them helpless.

"PCB received applications from players to participate in the Afro T20 League being played in Uganda . Upon inquiring of the bonafides of this League from ICC, we were advised by the ICC that Afro T20 League has been approved by them and that it is been played under the umbrella of Uganda Cricket Association (UCA)," said a spokesman of the PCB.

The ICC sent us a list of players which were provided to the ICC by the League organizors and asked us to allow them to take part in the tournament, he said.

"Upon receiving confirmation from ICC, PCB issued NOCs to all Pakistani players who were mentioned in the approved list," he added.

He said it is the responsibility of the players to negotiate the terms of their engagement and not that of the PCB whose role is confined to the issuance of NOCs on the condition that the players are not required for PCB duty at home or abroad.



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