Taliban factions in Afghanistan unite for peace talks with government

KABUL: While hopes over the resumption of stalled peace talks with the Taliban gather momentum, Afghan government officials and peace council members said Sunday that it is too early to elaborate on the venue, the negotiating team or on details regarding the framework of negotiations with the insurgent group. Looking uneasy over the pace and direction of the peace talks with the Taliban, members of the High Peace Council stated that the process is moving more slowly than planned. They said that the venue and framework have not yet been finalized. Earlier this week, the peace council said the possible role of U.S, China and UN at the talks would be a positive move. It is important that the Taliban leadership shows readiness for peace, said the HPC, urging a truce to be considered between government and Taliban before the resumption of talks. “Until now there is no clear vision for inter-Afghan peace negotiations. So far we do not know who will meet and where and what topic will be discussed,” said one HPC member. (Afghan Spirit)

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