Drone shot down in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Drone shot down in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

RIYADH - Fears that an armed coup was underway in Saudi's palace have been dismissed as a drone which got too close to the gates.

Videos had been posted on social media which claimed to be of heavy gunfire outside the palace in Rihayd, although these now appear to be false.

Wall Street journalist Margherita Stancati, who reports from Saudi Arabia, tweeted: 'No coup attempt in Riyadh. A toy drone/plane got too close too the King’s palace and was shot down.'

Footage was posted online which claimed to be of a coup attempt near Rihayd

The tweet by a Wall Street Journalist dispelling rumours of a coup near the Saudi Arabian palace

She added that it was unclear whether the drone or toy plane represented a threat or not.

It was also claimed that the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman had been evacuated to a nearby bunker at a military base for his safety, although this too appears to be false.

Twitter was full of rumours, claiming that the footage proved there was an ongoing coup.

Reporter Daniel Medina tweeted: 'BREAKING: A number of journalists in Riyadh are reporting heavy fire outside palace compound. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, per these sources, has been evacuated to a bunker inside a military base in the city. Information coming in is still fluid, remains unconfirmed.'

thayyib tweeted: 'BREAKING: Coup underway at Royal Palace in #Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. AP has reported that Royal Saudi Land Forces (KSA) Lieutenant General Allukas Nepils is leading the military push to oust King Salman.'

Other social media users were quick to urge others not to believe the rumours