Dead man brought to bank to claim cash

Dead man brought to bank to claim cash

NEW DELHI - A unique incident has happened where a dead man has been brought to bank to claim the cash.

Grief-stricken parents took their dead son's body to Punjab National Bank (PNB) in Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra, India, as a sign of protest for not giving them money from his account.

Angry family members of Ganesh Kamble barged into the bank on Thursday and showed the bank officials his dead body to prove that he was seriously ill and in need of money for his treatment.

Kamble had been admitted in KEM Hospital two months ago after he suffered a paralytic attack last December. His parents have been repeatedly requesting the bank to hand over them the Rs25,000 in Kamble's account for his treatment.

But the bank officials did not dodge and refused to give them access to their son's account and stated that as Kamble's was an individual account they cannot let anyone access it as per the bank rules.

The family members pleaded with the bank several times and also showed them Kamble's picture of him lying paralysed in KEM Hospital. That's when the bank officials said that they would come to the hospital to verify and take his signature to withdraw money.

Kamble's sister Mahananda Yadav was quoted as saying in mid day, "Every few days they had to go to the bank requesting that my brother's money be signed over to them. But officials kept saying that his signature was needed. He was lying unconscious on a hospital bed! How did they imagine we could have got his sign?"

Yadav added, "We had taken a loan from relatives to buy medicines for him. Last week, when my father went to the bank again, officials said they would come to the hospital. But they didn't and my brother died."