PSP Mustafa Kamal shocks PTI

KARACHI: Pak Sar Zameen Party leader Mustafa Kamal has shocked PTI here at today as PTI member Sindh Assembly Hafeez ud Din joined PSP.


While addressing the press conference flanked by PSP leader Mustafa Kamal here at Bagh-e-Jinnah Ground, Hafeez ud Din announced to resign from the slot of Sindh Assembly and joined Mustafa Kamal.


Hafeez added that he started his political struggle in 1970 and also remained in PML-N before joining PTI but both parties did not succeed to address the real issues of people.


Hafeez ud Din further stated that he tried his best to promote PTI in Karachi but unfortunately, he had not been supported by his party while he raised his voice before senior leadership of party but no avail.


Imran Khan is a good and competent leader but he has been surrounded by incompetent and inexperienced people, Hafeez ud Din elaborated claiming that Mustafa is PhD because he brought real change in city, identifying the issues of Karachi.


He pointed out that opposition did not have any importance and value in parliament and they were forced to look PM and CM Qaim Ali Shah instead of institution to resolve the issues of Karachi.