Former PM Nawaz Sharif Anti state speech made India happy


ISLAMABAD, Sep 21:Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda Monday said Nawaz Sharif had made India happy by attacking national institutions including Judiciary and Pakistan Army in his speech. "We are proud of our army which was protector of the country," Vawda said on his Twitter account. The Nawaz Sharif's hatred towards Army was because of that the army also knows about earlier's theft and meetings with the anti-state elements, the minister said and added that it was also mentioned by Barkha Dutt in his book. He said the true face of Nawaz Sharif and the drama of his illness had been exposed before the nation with his speech to the Opposition's All Parties Conference (APC). Vawad said Prime Minister Imran Khan was a patriotic leader who was leading the country by taking along the national institutions including Judiciary and Army just for the sake of national interest rather any personal benefit.