Afghanistan CID Chief General Salim ambushed in Kabul

Afghanistan CID Chief General Salim ambushed in Kabul

KABUL - Unknown gunmen ambushed the vehicle of a top security official in Kabul city late on Wednesday night. The incident took place around 12:30 am local time in the city after the armed men ambushed the vehicle of Gen. Mohammad Salim Almas, the Criminal Investigation Department chief in the Ministry of Interior.

CID officials confirmed the incident and said Gen. Almas escaped the attack unhurt.

The officials further added his received some bullet shots but no one was hurt in the attack.

Gen. Almas also confirmed the failed on him and said the Kabul’s CID will continue to its efforts to eradicate the criminal gangs.

He warned the irresponsible armed individuals and criminal gangs that Kabul city will no longer remain a hub for their criminal activities.

Gen. Almas called on criminal individuals and gangs to refrain from their criminal activities and return to normal life.

This comes as incidents involving armed conflicts and other criminal incidents are on the rise in the key cities of the country including capital Kabul during the recent months.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials in the Ministry of Interior (MoI) earlier this week informed regarding the arrest of an individual famous as the killer of Arya city who was recently involved the murder of an individual in the city.

The department earlier said two individuals involved in the brutal murder of three people and wounding four others during a brawl in the city have been arrested by the security forces.

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