IS WilayatHind: Pakistan under renewed security threat

IS WilayatHind: Pakistan under renewed security threat

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is faced with a new security threat from the emergence of Islamic State in South Asia.

Pakistan and India are under a new threat of the deadly terrorist organisation Islamic State, media has reported.

The threat emerge from IS major shift from the Middle East, a recent study has found.

According to a new research conducted by Abdullah Khan, the Managing Director of Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), ‘Wilayat-e-Hind’ (WeH) is the new chapter of Daesh which is quickly attracting the educated youth in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and promoting its extremist ideology.

The ongoing military operations in and around Pakistan’s border areas with Afghanistan have provided gaps to the IS militants who have swiftly moved in either from Syria or Iraq and have presence in across the bordering areas in Afghanistan, the study found, adding that the terror group is provoked by the governments of India and Bangladesh which are known for their ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ against the Muslim communities.


The study titled “Prospects of Daesh’s Expansion in South Asia” says that an unorganised presence of WeH militants has been identified in parts of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries of the South Asian region. The WeH operates as an Indian chapter of the IS which was formally announced in 2016.