HEC takes important decisions over Universities funds

HEC takes important decisions over Universities funds

ISLAMABAD - Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri has said that the formula of providing funds to universities all over the country will be reviewed.

Funds will not be released without the HEC’s approval.

Banuri said that HEC funds have decreased in the last three years, so at the moment it is facing difficulties. The government has said that it will increase financial support when economic conditions get better. Alternative education institutions which are available instead of universities in every district should be improved.

I was called in the cabinet regarding new universities, said Banuri. It is the government’s responsibility to create universities and not the HEC’s.

“HEC has five high profile cases of plagiarism; due to which the Prime Minister deployed commission’s members, I have no connection with it, and therefore there is no pressure on me,” he added.