Female Army major booked by Punjab Police

Female Army major booked by Punjab Police

RAWALPINDI – Army Officer and her husband have been booked by Punjab police over housemaid torture case.

Police have registered a case against the couple for torturing an 11-year-old maid at their home, a day after the child shared her ordeal in a disturbing video.

Kinza Bashir, was working at the house of Ammara Riaz, an Army major, and her husband Dr Mohsin in Rawalpindi where she was repeatedly beaten and denied basic rights.

In the video, the girl even confessed to stealing food because she wasn’t fed by the family. “They would hit me for stealing biscuits and nimco. I would steal it because I was hungry,” she said.

The child says she was kicked often, and sometimes her woman employer would even stand on her. “If I were sleeping, they would wake me up and hit me.”