Trump’s baseless accusations against Pakistan portray its biased attitude: Analysts

Trump’s baseless accusations against Pakistan portray its biased attitude: Analysts

ISLAMABAD: Trump recent tirade against Pakistan is continuation of Trump’s discriminative and anti Pakistan policies. Trump has been undermining Pakistan’s sacrifices and efforts in the war against terrorism since took charge of the government.

The US government itself is confused and frustrated due to its failure in Afghanistan.US has taken practical steps against Pakistan and we must now take every possible measure to counter these actions. Pakistan is no more dependent on USA and we are emerging as a strong regional country .Trump’s pleasing India attitude is further escalating situation in the region.

Trump’s aggressive attitude towards Pakistan is not surprise .Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices as US ally in the war against terrorism and Trump cannot dictate or pressurize us with false accusations. Instead of blaming Pakistan, the US government must find the reasons for its failures in Afghanistan.

Despite of spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan, US has failed to control Taliban. US is envious of China and Russia’s increasing influence in the region. Trump’s hostile attitude towards Pakistan is completely illogical and counterproductive.

The Trump administration must realize that no goals of peace in the region can be achieved without Pakistan’s support.The financial support  given by US is actually reimbursement of our financial losses in the war initiated by USA.

The personality of Donald Trump is imbalance and is known for his out of context statements. Sometimes, US President often issues statements which are considered to be against the Washington’s national interests as well. United States has always adopted discriminatory attitude towards Pakistan.

Sometimes, it is threatened to cut off in aid to Pakistan in order to keep Pakistan under pressure. I would like to appreciate to react against the allegations on Pakistan by Donald Trump in a befitting manner. Out financial loss in war against terror is much more as compared to aid given by United States. We also have lost precious lives in this crucial war. 

The United States never accepted such a strong response from Pakistan. It is the first time that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has strongly reacted against U.S allegations. Prime Minister has presented the narrative of Pakistan in front of the world that Pakistan is the country that contributed in peace efforts to a great extent.

The war on terror was imposed on our country and Pakistan paid a huge price in terms of loss of lives and financial loss as well. We are getting great response from different countries that Pakistan is in a strong position as for its efforts in war against terror is concerned. Pakistan has  lost 123 billion dollars whereas got an aid of only 20 billion dollars from the United States. Pakistan is in hands of capable and courageous leadership and the nation of Pakistan is self-esteemed.