PM Imran Khan leaves alarm bells ringing for opposition

PM Imran Khan leaves alarm bells ringing for opposition

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday expressed his surprise over antics played by the opposition parties in response to the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf government’s resolve to send the plunderers of the national wealth and those elements, who had parked their ill-gotten money abroad, to jails.

Addressing a gathering of overseas Pakistanis in Malaysia, the prime minister said laws were being tightened around the money launderers as a number of memorandums of understanding (MoUs) had been signed with different countries.

He said relevant information was being poured in about those elements, who had plundered the national wealth and stashed the same abroad.

Imran Khan said he had not yet named anyone, but on the other hand, opposition parties comprising figures of different hues had gathered to ‘save the democracy’ and dislodge the PTI’s government.

From the day first, they were declaring that the PTI’s government had failed, he said, adding in fact, they had the lurking fears, because the information about thievery was being gleaned by the anti-graft bodies and passed on to him.

“Alarm bells have been set ringing for certain people and the days are not far away when they will land in jails soon,” he added.

He said the opposition parties had gathered to hide their loot, declaring in clear terms that there would be no NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance), or charter of democracy, as every crook would land in jail.

Imran Khan also maintained that the opposition parties were facing the old NAB cases and the PTI government had not yet filed a single case against them.

The prime minister also informed the expatriates about his government’s steps to steer Pakistan out of the recurrent debt-trap.

He said they had sought financial loans from the friendly countries so that they could approach the International Monetary Fund with minimum bailout, but he cautioned that those were the temporary measures.

He unveiled that his government would announce a complete package for alleviation of poverty on next Sunday. They had learnt from the Chinese experience in that regard.

Other financial steps to fix problems, he said the country’s export volume would be raised and urged the overseas Pakistanis to send their remittances through the legal channels as it would help Pakistan generate 10 to 15 billion dollars for its ailing economy. For facilitating the overseas Pakistanis, the finance minister was preparing a complete package, he said, adding the government was also focusing to increase investment through ease of doing business and removal of red-tapism. The investors would be encouraged through wealth creation facilities as the country’s development was highly dependable on investment which would ultimately led to jobs creation for the country’s youth, he added. The prime minister compared the export volume of Malaysia which stood around 220 billion dollar per annum with a small 30 million population whereas with its huge population of about 200 million and massive resources, Pakistan's exports graph hovered around 24 billion dollar per year. Prime Minister Imran Khan said for the first time in the country’s history, his government took the responsibility of providing shelter to the homeless people with all the basic facilities. He stressed upon strengthening the sense of responsibility towards the hapless and destitute segments of society and recollected the picture of a labourer wrapped in blanket with his three children and laying on a road. He said in Pakistan, there was no dearth of resources, but the lack of governance system had affected its economy. He said those countries and nations rose to the occasions which had learnt from their past mistakes and cited Malaysia which left Pakistan behind in terms of economic turnaround. The prime minister noted that during 60s, no country in the region could compete with Pakistan in terms of economic prosperity, education and governance system. He observed the nations had to undergo ups and downs and the similar situations could be faced by the institutions, but all those were ‘blessing in disguise’. He referred to the leadership of Mahathir that led Malaysia on the path of progress and development. The prime minister said how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had raised his nation which later ruled the world. The Prophet (PBUH) lifted the conditions of the deprived and poor segments of society in Riasat-e-Madina. He expressed his optimism that the time was not far away when the countrymen would not go aboard for job opportunities. The prime minister also lauded the role of overseas Pakistanis for their contributions towards the national economy through sending of the remittances. He also praised Pakistan's ambassador in Malaysia and his team for providing facilitation and arranging meetings.