Russian Embassy in Syria comes under rocket attack

Russian Embassy in Syria comes under rocket attack

DAMASCUS - "A shell fired from terrorists' positions on November 20 hit the fence of the Russian Embassy close to a living quarters building. As a result of a 122mm shell explosion, walls, power lines and the water supply system were damaged. No embassy employee was hurt," the ministry stated.

Moscow "resolutely" condemned yet another attack on Damascus and reaffirmed that such provocations "will not affect Russia 's determination, together with partners, to complete the destruction of the terrorist hotbed on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, to help restore peace and security in  Syria , to strengthen its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity".

The Russian Embassy has experienced a number of mortar attacks since the beginning of Moscow's campaign on September 30, 2015.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on its "Western partners" to condemn the incident instead of keeping silent, noting that similar actions by extremists have left civilians — women, children and the elderly — dead and crippled.

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