China unveils World's fastest amphibious assault vehicle

China unveils World's fastest amphibious assault vehicle

A Chinese firm has built the world’s fastest amphibious assault vehicle, China’s state media reported.

The VN18, built by the Norinco Group, can travel at high speeds both on land and water.

It can travel at a maximum speed of 65kmh (40mph) on the ground and 30kmh (19mph) on water and is the fastest of its kind in the world.

“On the waters, it’s like a car running at 120kmh on a highway,” said Tan Yongyao, the R&D manager at Norinco, Chinese media reported.

China’s state broadcaster revealed footage of the vehicle in a programme on November 18.

The 2.6-tonne vehicle is equipped with cannon and a machine gun and carry 14 people on board.

Aluminum alloys have been used to build the vehicle’s body. The metal is lightweight in comparison with steel.

The engine in the vehicle can produce 1,600 horsepower – a feature usually seen on heavy tanks instead of assault vehicles.

The tracks and wheels of the vehicle can lifted up into the body to reduce fractions with water.

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