No talks with India until it behaves responsibly: Interior Minister Ch. Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ch Nisar said that India is not sincere to play cricket with Pakistan and its behavior is irresponsible regarding Pakistan. No more talks would be held until Indian side shows responsibility. While talking to media, he said Pakistan should not play his home series in India because he cannot compromise on the security of the Pakistani team. “We will not play cricket in India, I will oppose it,” he said. Shiv Sena and others anti- Pakistan outfits have become a big threat for our people from all walks of life. He will raise the issue of Shiv Sena in United Nations and demand to declare it a terrorist organization; he added. Pakistan wants friendly relationships with India but India is not sincere to build a brotherly relation with Pakistan. India has always humiliated our people, he will raise it before the cabinet; Nisar further stated.