How China-Afghanistan military ties secure Pakistan from NDS - RAW nexus

How China-Afghanistan military ties secure Pakistan from NDS - RAW nexus

ISLAMABAD: The Chinese President Xi Jinping has reaffirmed Beijing’s military support to the Afghan security forces during a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah, Reported Khaama News, Afghanistan premier News Agency.


The Office of the Chief Executive in a statement said the Chinese President reaffirmed military aid as well as supporting Afghanistan in development and rehabilitation projects.


The statement further added that the Chinese leader also announced Beijing’ support towards the Afghan-led peace process.


The remarks by Jinping followed after CEO Abdullah urged China to use its influence in persuading the regional countries to fight terrorism and help maintain peace and stability in the region, specifically in Afghanistan .


Abdullah urged China to help the Afghan security forces as they continue to face the menace of regional terrorism with insurgents from the eastern and central parts of Asia pouring into Afghanistan .


The commitment by Jinping comes as the country’s Chief of Army earlier pledged over $70 million to help support and equip the Afghan security forces.


During his visit to Afghanistan earlier in March, Chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army Mr. Fang Fenghui, announced the fresh military aid, saying the latest aid will follow besides Beijing’s ongoing cooperation in development and economic sector.


Gen. Fenghui also added that China will call a regional summit to implement the proposal by President Ghani during Shanghai conference for fight against terrorism.


Reiterating China’s commitment to fight terrorism in the region, Gen. Fenghui said Afghanistan is located in a strategic location and acts as an important economic belt, which is continuously threatened by the terror groups; Khaama  news further added.


Rising Afghanistan - China military ties are emerging at a time when US and its NATO allies are abondonning Afghanistan and  Afghanistan security forces are struggling to maintain security intact but failing to do so at the hands of Afghan Taliban.


Afghan economy and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are both in need of cash which earlier was provided by US and its NATO allies and now China 's investment and as well as military and economic aid can give life line to Afghanistan Economy and the military.


China is fully capable of filing the vacuum created by the draw down of US and NATO Forces which US may want New Delhi to fill.


China is well aware of the presence of East Turkeministan Islamic Movement (ETIM) militants in Afghanistan and with rising Sino influence in Afghanistan it can curb the menace of terrorism which it is facing in its western Xinkiang province adjoining Afghanistan .


Not to mention that China’s grand "One Belt One Road" (OBOR) economic and strategic initative has Afghanistan component. A Peace full Afghanistan suits China as good as it suits Pakistan .

However rising China-Afghanistan military ties have another angle also which is of far most importance from regional security and stability point of view.

Enhanced military cooperation between China and Afghanistan will greatly enhance ANSF capability to fight terrorism in Afghanistan , Hence chances of peaceful Afghanistan rise and so will be the peace in region.

Enhanced military cooperation between the  two sides will help stop rise of ISIS in the region.

If ISIS is denied stronghold in Afghanistan then Pakistan and as well as China 's western region would also remain safe from the rising threat of ISIS in their neighbourhood.

Economic development and military strength in Afghanistan would be a step towards peace in Afghanistan  and peace in region.

From Pakistani perspective higher level of military and economic cooperation between China and Afghanistan would reduce the space to India in Afghanistan which is involved in destabilising Pakistan using Afghan soil.

It will also reduce the dependence of Afghan Security Forces on India .


China can also act as a bridge between Pakistan and Afghanistan in removing the misunderstandings between the two sides over the issue of cross border terrorism.

Pakistan has long been complaining about the presence of Indian security establishment presence in Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan . RAW - NDS nexus in Afghanistan is an open secret to the world now and from Pakistan point of view the enhanced presence and  the military support of China to Afghanistan  Military and security establishment would act as a counter balance to the Indian RAW in Afghanistan .


China’s enhanced cooperation with the Afghanistan Military and the security establishment would not only reduce the trust deficit between Pakistan and Afghanistan and China can further use its influence to keep Afghanistan NDS and Military to not allow RAW nefarious activities form Afghanistan soil to destabilise Pakistan .


Last but not the least ETIM operating in Xinkiang province has also its roots in Afghanistan and need not to mention the RAW  links with the ETIM  militants destabilising China .


India has made Afghanistan a laundry to wash it's dirty clothes in the region at least to the extent of Pakistan and China .


China’s military and strategic intervention in Kabul would make it strengthened and a peaceful Afghanistan  is in best interest of both China and Pakistan .

Pakistan - Afghanistan - Central Asian States bloc with the backing of China had long been a night mare for the Chankiya Boys in New Delhi.

Washington may also not appreciate the idea as well as New Delhi.

Few elements in Afghanistan Army and Afghanistan premier intelligence and security agency National Directorate of security NDS may not be in favour of close military ties with both Pakistan and China on behest of Indian RAW.

Indian lobby in Afghanistan led by former President Hamid Karzai may not appreciate China overtaking India in Afghanistan 's strategic and Military Affairs.

Peaceful Afghanistan is in best interest of both China and Pakistan .





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