Protesters reach Trump Tower against Donald Trump's racial statement

WASHINGTON: Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Manhattan and reached Trump Tower to protest against Donald Trump’s racial statement.


The protesters cordoned the official residence of Trump and blocked the highway for several hours.


Protesters said “These policies and type of speech has no place in this country, and certainly do not have a place in the city that Trump grew his empire in, a city known as a melting pot and home for many of the same people Trump continues to wage war on.”


The protesters chanted banners and slogans expressing feelings as “Trump is hate,” “Love Trumps Hate,” and “Will trade 1 Donald Trump for 25,000 refugees.”


The people marched for four hours from Columbus Circle to Trump tower and several social organizations participated in the protest.


A massive police force was deployed to protect the rally.


Republican Presidential candidate Trump is famous for his anti-Muslim remarks and White House has also called him as a threat for damaging US reputation in the World.


The protesters also threw stones at Trump Tower.


Protesters shouted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Islamophobia has got to go,” “Get up. Get down, immigrants built this town” and “The people united will never be defeated.”