NEW DELHI: India's first gay marriage bureau kicks off

NEW DELHI: A Chicago based NRI Benhur Samson has kicked off India’s first gay marriage bureau for homosexuals to find their soul mates.

Samson claimed that this venue will help them to find right match both inside and outside the country.


He said “Several people wanting arrange marriages were looking for partners from India. The reason seems that arranged marriages are common in India. Also, Indians are known for their commitment, their loyalty to partners and hard working nature.”


He claimed that we have received 250 inquiries and 24 people have been enrolled with us.


He claimed that bureau will charge $5000 as a registration fee which will be refundable and we will investigate first about the person and then begin the process.


He also met with gay prince of Rajpipla Manvendrasingh Gohil who appraised his move and committed to support him.


Samson has also hired lawyers to look into legal aspects of gay marriage and their immigration out of India.


He claimed that the bureau will start working within three hours and this platform will help homosexuals to find their partner.


According to a figure submitted to Supreme Court by government in 2012, there were 25 lac registered gay people in the country.