Afghan President Ashraf Ghani terms 2016 as year of fighting against corruption in Afghanistan

KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani termed year 2016 as a year of fighting against corruption in Afghanistan.


He claimed that some government sectors are involved in corruption which  is destroying our economy.


He vowed to take strict measures against the corruption.


His remarks came during the celebration of, Nowruz, a New Persian year 1395.


He claimed that country will develop in energy sector in the year which would be an example as compared to previous hundred years.


Ghani claimed peace, development and stability in the country in the New Year.


He claimed that Afghan forces will be victorious in the ongoing war against terror in the country and will lead to permanent peace.


UN Representative for Afghanistan Nicholas Haysom was also present on the occasion who said “Survival will be an achievement for the Government of National Unity for 2016 amid deteriorating security, poor economics and political situation in the country.”