Rs. 1.634 trillion demands for grant of Finance Division approved by NA 

Rs. 1.634 trillion demands for grant of Finance Division approved by NA 

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The National Assembly on Monday approved as many as 27 demands of grant worth Rs 1,634,570,512,000 for Finance Division for the fiscal year 2016-17.

The lawmakers from the opposition moved around 205 cut motions, which, however, were rejected by the House.

The demands of grant were presented to the House by Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.

The House approved Rs 1,569,969,000 for Finance Division, Rs 5,244,159,000 for Controller General of Accounts, Rs 536,142,000 for Pakistan Mint and Rs 2,712,996,000 for National Saving.

It also approved Rs 17,874,473,000 for other expenditure of Finance Division, Rs 240,274,426,000 for Superannuation Allowances and Pensions, and Rs 80,800,004,000 for grants-in-aid and miscellaneous adjustments between the federal and provincial governments.

As many as Rs 469,995,000,000 was approved for subsidies and miscellaneous expenditure, Rs 58,000,000,000 for Higher Education Commission, Rs 1,163,617,000 for Economic Affairs Division and Rs 147,693,000 for Privatization Division, Rs 334,604,000 for Revenue Division and Rs 3,693,402,000 for Federal Board of Revenue.

The House approved Rs 6,923,707,000 for Customs, Rs 11,179,189,000 for Inland Revenue, Rs 2,208,536,000 for Statistics Division and Rs 18,484,000,000 for Federal Miscellaneous Investments.

An amount of Rs 27,055,000,000 was approved for other loans and advance by the Federal Government, Rs 167,355,487,000 for development expenditure of Finance Division, Rs 25,673,305,000 for other development expenditure and Rs 155,000,000,000 for development expenditure outside Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

The house also approved Rs 52,461,000 for development expenditure of Economic Affairs Division, Rs 687,304,000 for development expenditure of Revenue Division, 200,000,000 development expenditure of Statistics Division, Rs 261,038,000 for capital outlay on Federal Investments, Rs 218,285,770,000 for development loans and advances by the Federal Government and Rs 118,858,230,000 external development loans and advances by the government.