Panama Leaks: PPP would not become part of conspiracy to derail democracy

Panama Leaks: PPP would not become part of conspiracy to derail democracy

ISLAMABAD: Khawaja Saad said media should also show the face expressions of opposition leaders as they wanted to stage a political show after Eidul Fitr.

He said certain political parties of the opposition were targeting the PML-N on the pretext of Panama Papers. However, the people had now become aware of their tactics and would not be fooled.

Saad Rafique said many opposition leaders did not attend the press conference which reflected differences among their ranks.

He said it was not the job of politicians to poke nose in judicial matters. They should know that the judiciary was independent and making decisions according to the Constitution and law, he added.

He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had now lost its credibility as it had always reneged on its commitments and promises.

Replying to a question, he said Asif Ali Zardari was a wise and sane person and despite differences, his party would not take any step which could derail democracy.

Being part of a joint opposition was a good thing, but the PTI even had no ability 'to kill mouses', he remarked.

He said the opposition should better make preparations for 2018 elections as everyone in the country wanted 'a crusade against corruption'.

Answering another question, he said though Aitzaz Ahsan had rendered great services for the democracy, but he had no right to misguide the nation. There was nothing concrete in the opposition leaders' press conference but it was just verbosity.

Law Minister Zahid Hamid said the opposition was just emphasizing only six points. However, neither Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's name was included in the Panama Papers, nor he owned any offshore company, he added.

He said the PML-N had clear stance that anyone who had violated the law, should face action.

Minster of State for IT Anusha Rehman said the commission to probe alleged electoral riggings was also formed under an ordinance.

The opposition should give the ToRs if it wanted an inquiry into the Panama Papers, but the matter would be settled in the judicial commission, he added.

The opposition, she said, did not want across the board accountability but it was just targeting the Prime Minister. But the opposition's wish would not be fulfilled, she added.

She said the Prime Minister had already presented himself for accountability.

To a question, Saad Rafique said if any court called Hassan Nawaz would attend proceedings with complete proofs and evidence.