"Teefa in Trouble" hero Ali Zafar in real trouble: Report

*KARACHI - Ali Zafar’s new movie ‘Teefa in Trouble’ released on July 20 but not everyone is happy about it.*

The movie’s premieres and promotional events in Lahore and Karachi have been attended by celebrities, socialites and protesters.

*Protests, protests and more protests*

Outside the premiere at Karachi’s Nueplex cinema, protesters gathered and shouted ‘boycott Ali Zafar’. Around 30 protesters, mostly young men and women, chanted slogans against him. Nueplex security tried to take away the protesters’ mobile phones and make them leave.

They also turned up at a promotional event Zafar attended at a KFC in Karachi. People tried to get them to leave there too.

At the movie’s premiere at Lahore’s Cinestar, the son of the owners of Bareeze, Waleed Zaman, shouted his support for Zafar saying “I support the sexual harassment of women”. He said this while passing by a group of protesters outside the cinema.

He later tried to backtrack in a Facebook post, saying that he reacted badly to his wife being harassed but people weren’t having it.

The protests continue on social media, where some people say they are boycotting the movie because of Zafar’s alleged harassment of another singer.