PP-117: PMLN Candidate Hamid Rasheed Avoiding Arrest since February


Bushra Waheed | Faisalabad

According to documents available to Times of Islamabad, the candidate fielded by Pakistan Muslim League (N) for PP-117, Mr. Hamid Rasheed since February 2018 has been avoiding arrest under a legal warrant issued against him by the Civil Judge under section 452/506 of the penal code of Pakistan. The warrant was issued for trespassing private property, invasion of privacy with intent to criminally intimidate the victims. In a disturbing turn of events, despite the warrant, the suspect not only received a ticket from the Pakistan Muslim League (N) party but is also running his election campaign as well as political advertising in a flagrant violation of Election Codes of Conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan.  Such trends cultivated by leading political parties only undermine Pakistan’s democratic process and challenge the rule of law. It would be appropriate for political parties to properly vet their potential candidates before issuing tickets and endorsements so that a transparent and just political system can take root in Pakistan.