Life is hardly a walk in the park for Nawaz Sharif in the prison: Report

Life is hardly a walk in the park for Nawaz Sharif in the prison: Report

ISLAMABAD - Life is hardly a walk in the park for three-time Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. Taking a stroll in prison too has become a potential threat with security officials at Adiala jail forced to fear the worst after the VIP inmate was jeered at by fellow prisoners when he was out in the courtyard of his barrack.

Sentenced to ten years in prison in a disproportionate assets case, Sharif has been lodged at the jail in Rawalpindi instead of a rest house in Islamabad where high-profile political figures have previously spent jail sentences.

While his lawyers previously stated that Sharif has been kept devoid of basic facilities - he reportedly has a dilapidated toilet, a possible risk to his life is now being feared. This after anti-Sharif and anti-PML-N slogans were raised by fellow inmates when the high-profile prisoner was out on a brief stroll.

Dawn reports that jail authorities are reluctant to keep Sharif in the premises due to the presence of high-profile inmates here - many of whom are hardened and radical terrorists. While the security for Sharif in particular and of the jail has been tightened, the possibility of moving the political figure to the Sihala Rest House in Islamabad is being considered.

The rest house is a sub-jail that had apparently been kept ready for Sharif, his daughter Maryam - who has been sentenced to eight years in prison in the same case, and son-in-law but they were taken to Rawalpindi after landing in the country from London.