India makes desperate effort in FATF against Pakistan

India makes desperate effort in FATF against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - India makes desperate effort in Financial Action Task Force against Pakistan, sources have revealed.

Two Indian government officials dealing with the issue said new information had been provided to the FATF relating to Pakistan after the car bombing last week in the Pulwama district of occupied Kashmir in which 40 paramilitary police were killed.

The banned Jaish-e-Mohammad had reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

A third Indian official said details relating to the militant group’s operations were provided to the FATF. “It was a post-Pulwama brief,” said one of the officials when asked about the information provided to the watchdog.

While there are no direct legal implications from being on the list, it brings extra scrutiny from regulators and financial institutions that can chill trade and investment and increase transaction costs, experts say.

India has also cancelled Most Favoured Nation trade privileges for Pakistan and imposed 200 per cent duty on goods coming from Pakistan, further squeezing the barely $2 billion bilateral trade.

The FATF said it would release the results of its review after a meeting of the group’s decision-making body. “We will publish the outcomes from the meeting, including our updated statements identifying high-risk and other monitored jurisdictions, at the end of the meeting, on Friday afternoon,” Alexandra Wijmenga-Daniel, FATF communications management advisor, said in an email.