Has Kabul regime ultimately understood the language of new COAS

Has Kabul regime ultimately understood the language of new COAS

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan-Afghanistan bilateral ties witnessed a sudden drop with Pakistan Army attacking the terrorist training camps inside Afghanistan. Pakistan had blamed these training camps inside Afghanistan as source of terrorism in Pakistan.

Afghanistan was continuously denying the said fact and instead blaming Pakistan for terrorism in Afghanistan. However after the deadly strikes by Pakistan inside Afghanistan, the Kabul regime has finally understood that the blame game part is over and Pakistan means business now.

Kabul has assured Pakistan of cooperation in counter terrorism against the groups that are attacking Pakistan.

Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa said after the strikes that enhanced security arrangements along Pak-Afghan border were to fight terrorists. He said Pakistan and Afghanistan had fought against terrorism and will continue joint efforts.

Bajwa welcomed recent proposals from the Afghan authorities to take forward mutual coordination for result-oriented efforts against terrorism.

According to the ISPR, General Bajwa, while chairing a high-level security meeting at the GHQ, said enhanced security arrangements along Pak-Afghan border are aimed at fighting the common enemy that is terrorists of all hue and colour.

Bajwa directed for more effective border coordination and cooperation with Afghan security forces to prevent cross-border movement of terrorists including all types of illegal movement.

Pakistan forces yesterday also moved heavy artillery and military equipment closer to Pak-Afghan border.

Officials at the foreign ministry told The Nation, that Pakistan’s stern response to the Afghan-based terrorists had forced Kabul to opt for the dialogue process with Pakistan.

A senior official at the ministry said: “We were left with no option but to respond seriously. We had told them enough is enough and we will not compromise on national security. Kabul is also a victim of terrorism and they need to cooperate with us.”

He said Pakistan had always shown positive response to all efforts for peace in Afghanistan but “unfortunately, Afghanistan has been allowing India to use its soil against Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of families were fleeing from both sides of Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan Monday, officials said, as Islamabad continued a crackdown on extremists after multiple attacks last week raised fears of a militant resurgence.

Pakistan has accused Afghanistan of harbouring the militants who carried out last week’s attacks, which killed more than 100 people across the country.

The military said it used heavy artillery to fire at militant hideouts in Afghanistan Monday, after carrying out airstrikes on both sides of the border over the weekend.