Apple to launch 4 new iPad models

Apple to launch 4 new iPad models

According to Japanese website Mac Otakara (and as spotted by MacRumors), Apple is aiming to expand the iPad Pro lineup with four new models: updated versions of the existing 9.7 and 12.3-inch Pros, a new 7.9-inch model, and a premium 10.5-inch device.

Now, 9.7 and 10.5 inches seem awfully close, but the latter will reportedly be the more expensive model and include an edge-to-edge screen and omit the home button. The devices are otherwise rumored to have the same size body. Meanwhile, the 7.9-inch model is basically a replacement for the iPad mini 4.

I find it pretty hard to believe Apple would have four devices under the ‘Pro’ line, especially the two 10-inchish models, so don’t be surprised if the company comes up with some new buzzword to delineate at least a couple of the devices.

While we’re not getting a totally new iPhone until the fall, the report also suggests Apple will expand its iPhone SE with a 128 GB model, and add a red color option to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As always, the rumor mill will keep on churning, so take these possibilities with a grain of salt