ISIS threatens to hit back Saudi Arabia over military alliance against ISIS

DAMASCUS: The twisted Islamic State (ISIS) terror group has declared war on Saudi Arabia by accusing the oil-rich country of “colluding with crusaders” after it established a military coalition to target jihadis. Saudi Arabia announces a huge 34-state alliance tasked with wiping out ISIS militants - also known as Daesh - and other terrorist groups. Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi defence minister, said the group - which will be headquartered in the nation’s capital city Riyadh - would fight terrorist activities in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan. But now ISIS has threatened to hit back at the “morons and fools” of the coalition in a weekly publication documenting its activities. In an article titled ‘Mohammed bin Salman's alliance of surprised allies’, it said: “With permission from Allah, this alliance will be the beginning of the collapse of the governments of the oppressive tyrants in the lands of Islam.” Announcing the alliance, Mr Salman described the group as an “international coordination with major powers and international organisations”. He confirmed the group will fight depraved ISIS jihadis, as well as "any terrorist organization that appears in front of us".(Daily Mail)