UK based NGO demands peace in IIOJ&K , Aug 21, 2020

UK based NGO demands peace in IIOJ&K , Aug 21, 2020

         ISLAMABAD- MIRPUR (AJK):UK-based Global Pakistan-Kashmir Supreme Council blames India for terrorism and violence in IIOJK to suppress freedom struggle:

Talking to media in his organization’s head office in London late Thursday,Raja Sikander Khan, exposed Indian cruelty, oppression and brutal use of force against the freedom-monger innocent people of the internationally recognized disputed State of Jammu & Kashmir.

He urged upon comity of nations including the global human rights bodies to take immediate notice of gravity of the fast deteriorating situation in bleeding vale of IIOJK.

The GPKSC Chairman  said that it had been more than a year that the people of the occupied valley besieged in to their residences for an indefinite period to keep them away of the protest demonstrations against August 05, last year Indian sinister unilateral action of revoking of special of  the disputed Jammu & Kashmir state, he added.

The GPKSC Chairman said that valiant Kashmiris will continue their struggle without taking care of the Indian tyranny.

He said that since Kashmiris  dreamed of liberation  from despotic and illegal  Indian rule  from generation to generation inking an  eternal story of practical struggle to achieve it through their everlasting struggle.

Raja Sikander Khan said that the courage and patience with which the Kashmiris continued their independence movement was unprecedented.

He said that despite all of her  military might, India had deployed over a million of her occupying armed troops in the Muslim-majority bleeding vale of  occupied Kashmir.

He said that the sun of freedom was not far away and the day was not far off when the Jammu &  Kashmir people will, In Sha Allah,  soon embrace freedom  from Indian shackles - since the blood of martyrs of  Jammu & Kashmir will never go in vain and they will reach their ultimate destination of liberation from Indian clutches.

He warned the fascist BJP-led Indian government that despite  their fascist leader,  the butcher of Gujrat Modi always endeavored to oppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiris by using maximum volume of his brutal  force  and history’s worst brutalities and reign of state terrorism against the innocent people of Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir,  voices of freedom have risen in the bleeding occupied state.