I am a soldier of Imran Khan: CM Punjab Usman Buzdar

I am a soldier of Imran Khan: CM Punjab Usman Buzdar

*ISLAMABAD - Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that he is a “soldier” of PTI chief Imran Khan and an “agent” of Pakistan.*

“We will implement Imran Khan’s vision and will start our plan of action after Eid,” he said after his oath-taking ceremony.

According to him, problems are rife in southern as well as central Punjab. “We will make a plan,” he said. “According to Khan *sahib’s* vision, corruption is the biggest cancer so our first target is to deal with corruption. We will not let corruption happen *Insha Allah*. Whichever officer is found involved in corruption should consider himself fired already.

How he will keep a check on corruption, the interviewee asked Buzdar. “You just wait and watch what we will do with the corrupt officers *Insha Allah*,” replied the Punjab chief minister. “We will support the officers who are good and honest but those who do not want to work should fend for themselves.” According to him, he will not completely replace the bureaucracy with a new one. He will only remove the ones who are corrupt.

When asked where he will live, Buzdar replied: “We are looking into it. We will cut our expenditure and live in simplicity. We have to reduce the number of CM Houses and planning is underway for it.”

According to Buzdar, 260 employees of the Punjab CM House have already been done away with. When asked if they are jobless now, the PTI leader replied: “They should go where they are needed.”