How Sharif's misread the fighter and a warrior Imran Khan

How Sharif's misread the fighter and a warrior Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD - A man famous for having an altruistic personality and unwavering commitment has been finally sworn in as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan holds an image that is totally opposite to that of a traditional Pakistani politician. He sets an apparently impossible target but makes that possible with his infallible character and strong willpower. Unlike Mian Nawaz Sharif who was introduced by General Zia ul Haq and Bilawal Zardari who got to the position of Co-Chairmanship of PPPP as a successor, Imran Khan started politics from scratch in 1996.

Imran Khan’s whole politics from the day one threatens the corrupt political elite. His first speech as a politician way back in the mid-1990s and his maiden address to the assembly as the leader of the house both targeted the corrupt. He emphatically rejected any chances of NRO and pledged to eradicate corruption. With a record of fulfilling his vows, Imran Khan is a major peril for the Sharifs and Zardaris who have been exploiting the populace by only chanting their political slogans.

PTI’s historic victory has shaken the so-called giants of status quo throughout Pakistan. It vividly depicts that the people of the country have rejected the ruling regime. The phenomenon of change after trembling the Arabs in the shape of Arab Spring has hit Pakistan vanishing the two-party system.

Now the concept of ‘Muk Muka’ and friendly opposition to protect each other’s crimes is over in the land of pure.

*A change unacceptable for the political elite*

The phenomenon of change that toppled the untouchables almost throughout the Muslim world was a message for Pakistani politicians which they failed to perceive. Predominantly because the evil of corruption had made the ruling regimes immensely powerful and the grasp of the political elite was strong to the level, that they controlled the people through mafias at the local level but this time they couldn’t foresee the emergence of change. In fact, overconfidence made them feel that they are inevitable.

Not different are some of the senior analysts’ who are persistently recommending an NRO for Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. They believe that Imran Khan should move on instead of enhancing the process of accountability. These analysts are dwelling in the past as our traditional politicians. They wrongly think that country can’t step ahead without reconciliation. Unfortunately, people can’t imagine a Pakistan without the powerful corrupt cults, as a result, they are of opinion that these predators should be allowed to exploit the citizens countrywide. Honestly, their suggestions are impractical in Naya Pakistan where PTI followers aren’t even ready to spare any corrupt member of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf.

*Protest in National Assembly*

The pre-planned unsophisticated protest of PMLN during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech in National Assembly backfired and even Shahbaz Sharif couldn’t deliver a proper speech. This protest was a blunder and indeed a continuation of a series of suicidal attacks of PMLN. They forgot that Imran Khan is a fighter known for his attacking nature worldwide; he won’t let the opposition corner him easily. Whenever the opponents try to weaken him, he gathers his strength and responds with an extraordinary force and the same happened in the assembly where Shahbaz Sharif missed an excellent opportunity to put forth his viewpoint in front of the newly elected PM. Resultantly, the chief executive of Pakistan reaffirmed his promises of eradicating the corruption. However, in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz opted a better way by letting the CM Sardar Usman Buzdaar speak in a serene environment. Candidly, it was the only option left for PMLN otherwise they hadn’t been allowed to talk.

Bilawal Zardari’s mastery in oratory and linguistic skills forced thousands to praise his maiden speech in National Assembly but he forgot to mention his party’s bad governance in Sindh. The content of his speech is a classic example of traditional Pakistani politics where leaders are habitual of evoking people by discussing all the shortcomings but never bother to work for the well-being of the masses. Bilawal, as a sign of change in PPPP, must have extended his commitment of probing the cases of his father’s ‘Bahdur Bacha’ (Rao Anwaar), Uzair Baloch, Dr. Asim and Omni Group’s criminal activities. Simultaneously, he had a wonderful opportunity to engage the newly elected PM of Pakistan as a helping hand for the betterment of impoverished areas of Sindh and on energy crises particularly issues related to K-Electrics.

Imran’s government is a fatal danger for the fraudulent regimes reigning Pakistan from decades. At the hit seems to be Sahrif’s family and Asif Ali Zardari. But that is not all, as in the camps of Police and top bureaucracy chaos and uncertainty has penetrated. A fear of the unknown, a fear of strict accountability and a fear of losing all the assets earned through corrupt practices has made life difficult for the crooked elite.

What distinguishes Khan from these corrupt leaders is his honesty and determination. They know that neither he can be blackmailed nor bought. In addition, a sense of awakening has spread all over the land of pure forcing people, ordinary people, to challenge the wrongdoings of their leaders. This pleasant phenomenon is unprecedented in Pakistan and guarantees that we are on the right path. Let’s hope that the Prime Minister of Pakistan rejects any NRO and succeeds in providing quality education, basic human rights, justice, jobs and a free economy.

BY: Naeem Ahmed Qazi