Hamza Ali Abbasi has a message for his upcoming release "Parvaaz Hai Junoon"

Hamza Ali Abbasi has a message for his upcoming release

LAHORE - Hamza Ali Abbasi has broken silence about his upcoming film Parwaaz Hai Junoon, which is a tribute to Pakistan Air Force personnel, who serve the country round-the-clock and sacrifice their family lives to make the borders secure.

About his PHJ experience, Hamza says, “This is the first Pakistani film on air force in five decades. This is the first-ever film on air force that has a female fighter pilot in the lead role, played by Hania Amir.

We have become so self-critical that we have forgotten to celebrate what is good about us. As the film is a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force, we got to fly and train with PAF cadets and visit the places, which we usually see only on television. I am sure the film will make people realise that PAF is as important as Pakistan Navy or Pakistani Army. It is an effort to take Pakistan to the world because unfortunately our introduction to the world has been through news channels and it is not good.”

“I am playing the role of a Squadron Leader,” Hamza says.

“We need everyone in Pakistan to understand the sacrifices the Pakistan Air Force has rendered in the war on terror. We are the only country after Sri Lanka that dealt with such a war successfully. This is an accomplishment and we as a nation should be grateful for this,” says the Mann Mayal actor.

Referring to his job in the police department as a CSP officer, Hamza says, “Yes, I was doing job in the police department, but I resigned to pursue my acting passion.”

About his role in the latest flick, Hamza says, “I thought I would be playing a normal person, but it wasn’t that easy because pilots have their own culture. We had to learn their mannerism and behaviour. I must say PAF people are very interesting. I had to look like an air force guy; therefore, I lost weight to look fit.”

Answering a question about Pakistani film industry’s revival, Hamza says, “I think that revival has taken place. Our films are screening at international festivals and drawing appreciation from people around the world.”

Commenting on Pakistan’s image abroad, Hamza says, “I believe in showing Pakistan’s true image and it is beautiful. PHJ is an effort to take Pakistan to the world through our silver screen. PHJ and a couple of other films releasing this year are the first step in this direction and the world will see us through our culture,” says the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani star.

Referring to his huge fan following on social media, Hamza says, “I feel that fame is actually a blessing of Allah Almighty and I believe I will be questioned about every blessing on the Day of Judgement. I have a sense of responsibility; therefore, I keep talking about things and sharing messages, which are good for my country.”

About prospects of his entry into politics, Hamza says, “Right now I don’t feel the need to enter politics. If I ever contested elections, an office for myself will never be my aim.”

About his upcoming projects, Hamza says, “There is a drama serial titled Alif and it is very close to my heart. And then offcourse Maula Jatt 2 is going to hit the cinema screens soon.”