Finance Minister Asad Umer had a good news for the PIA, PSM employees

Finance Minister Asad Umer had a good news for the PIA, PSM employees

*ISLAMABAD - Finance Minister Asad Umar has given a good news to the employees of the PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills.*

*He says that no employees of the PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills and the Prime Minister house will be laid off.*

Speaking to the media, he said that as many as 500 employees used to work at the Prime Minister House, will now work ‘for the people of Pakistan.’

Asad Umar said the newly elected government will create employment opportunities for youth as part of its election manifesto.

He said the PTI government would take all necessary steps to retrieve the national money which has been deposited in foreign accounts.

He said that a task force has been made to curb money laundering and it will present its report in two weeks. He said the overseas assets of Pakistanis will fully be disclosed in the report.

He said that only in Dubai, Pakistanis have invested 8 billion dollars. He highlighted that for the formation of a “Naya Pakistan”, his party needs the consistent support of the people.

Finance Minister said all out resources will be used for generation of revenue. He said our immediate focus will be on giving relief to pensioners and widows.

Giving a road-map of his priorities and policies in his televised address to the nation on Sunday, PM Imran Khan said currently there were 524 employees deployed at the PM House, but he would use only two for domestic service.