Momina Mustehsan too speaks about her Sexual harassment issue

Momina Mustehsan too speaks about her Sexual harassment issue

ISLAMABAD - Momina Mustehsan has revealed that "I too have been a subject of harassment, and this issue is bigger than just Ali Zafar."

She continues: "This is about the relationship of trust that men take for granted with women. Very often, as we can see, women are violated by the very men they know, trust and often work with. Though harassment does not mean rape, it takes a lot to gather the courage to come out and say this, and it is my fervent hope that people will see that saying this is very difficult for any woman."

Addressing the victim-shaming that other women on social media have faced, she says: "I personally stand to lose much more than I will ever gain, BUT this cause is greater than any one man or woman. It's about humanity and dignity, about equality and honor. I pray that people will stand by women who have been violated and victimized."

"I have been reading one question frequently "why wait so long before saying anything?" and the answer to that is, It's because rather than shame the perpetrator, society at large tends to shame the victim. There is also immense social pressure to "not say anything", and keep matters like this private because some people may immediately question the woman's character, for their own defense, and drag women through courts and humiliate them, knowing fully well that it is impossible to prove cases of physical harassment, hence forcing some women to eventually have no option but to pull back their cases. This affects families, lives, careers, all of it."

"The question that you must ask, is "despite all of the above, why would a woman stand up and say such a thing? After all, it will only harm her." There's your answer. We are speaking because we have no choice. We don't have anyone else to speak for us. I ask you to please think of it from our point of view. Place yourself or someone from your family in our positions for a moment, and you will immediately know what we are feeling, and have been feeling, for years. In all humility, I BEG all of you to please become our support system. Help us rise."

"I stand by all the women who have had to deal with inappropriate behavior of any sort. It's time Pakistani women are able to stand up and hold their oppressors accountable, no matter how strong or influential they are. Don’t be scared. They are strong because we are weak - lets change that. Speak up, stand up. Call a spade a spade. And it's definitely time Pakistani men stood up for our women."

"I hope all the men reading this agree that harassment of any form is NOT OKAY."