Baloch Ferraris biggest group lay down arms, join mainstream


ISLAMABAD: Balochistan province which has witnessed insurgencies in the past now is returning back to the normal life.

Baloch Ferraris who in the past have fought fierce battles against the government are now joining back to the national main stream.

Four hundred Ferrari militants have surrendered to the Balochistan government, reported Waqt News.

An event has been held to address the militants in Balochistan Chief Minister’s house.

The 400 militants have surrendered and laid down their arms, which are on display.

Shortly the CM would address the gathering.

On April 8 Ferrari commander Ali Muhammad Bugti had surrendered before the security forces along with his associates by laying down their arms.

Ali Muhammad Bugti joined the national mainstream in Sui where he handed over his arms and explosives to the security forces and sworn oath of loyalty with Pakistan.

The arms and weapons handed over by the Ferrari commander before security forces included 3 SMG, 10 magazines, 250 rounds, 1 China riffle, 37 rounds, 1 teki riffle, five rounds and 1 walky-talky set.

The names of Ali Bugti’s aids were Hazimo, Mir Gul, Shah Nawaz, Zar Khan, Abdul Aziz, Khuda Bakhsh, Rehmatullah, Yousaf and Allah Bakhsh.

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