Imran rejects suggestion of Parliamentary Committee over Panama issue

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has rejected the suggestion of PPP to formulate a parliamentary committee to probe into Panama Leaks issue.


While talking to media here in Islamabad, Imran made it clear that he would not accept suggestion of PPP because parliamentary committee could not do anything in this regard as parliamentary committees had also been formed in the past but their result was zero.


PTI would only accept inquiry commission under the sitting Chief Justice of Pakistan to probe into the allegations of Panama Leaks .


Over Rs. 300 billion properties had been bought in Dubai in the last three years while government did not take any notice in this regard that who are buying properties in Dubai from Pakistan and how they had made money to purchase properties in Dubai .


Talking about the scourge of corruption , Imran added that there is alarming situation in the country regarding corruption and now the time has come to root out the menace of corruption because poverty is being increased due to this curse.


Corruption money is being sent abroad through money laundering and then are being invested in off shore companies, Imran stated.


While expressing his grief over the loss of policemen lives in Karachi, Imran elaborated that Sindh and Punjab Police have to face many difficulties due to violation of merit. 

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