India faces another big setback at the international front

India faces another big setback at the international front

Indian government faces a setback at the international front with the United States clearly siding with Canada and demanding explanation from India over the issue of Sikh leader murder on Canadian soil.

US authorities have maintained a constant line of communication with their Canadian counterparts regarding allegations implicating the Indian government in the assassination of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. A senior official from the State Department highlighted the significance of these allegations and underscored the necessity for a comprehensive and transparent investigation.

This official conveyed a strong urging for the Indian government to actively cooperate with this investigation. These remarks were made during a press briefing held on Tuesday.

The United States' close engagement with Canadian authorities on this matter reflects a deep-seated concern regarding the allegations. The commitment to a thorough and impartial inquiry into the incident remains a top priority. Encouraging India's full cooperation in this investigation is seen as vital to uncovering the truth surrounding the tragic murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asserted that authorities are actively pursuing credible leads connecting agents from New Delhi to the assassination of the Sikh separatist leader. India, however, swiftly rejected these allegations, dismissing them as absurd.

This exchange has further strained diplomatic relations between the two nations, which have been deteriorating over the years, primarily due to India's dissatisfaction with Sikh separatist activities in Canada. Additionally, the dispute now threatens trade ties, as discussions on a proposed trade agreement were halted just last week.

In summary, the United States' ongoing collaboration with Canada in light of the allegations implicating the Indian government in Hardeep Singh Nijjar's murder underscores their shared commitment to justice and transparency. These allegations have intensified tensions between Canada and India, affecting both diplomatic and trade relations, thereby presenting a complex challenge that demands careful diplomatic maneuvering to resolve.