Outgoing Chinese Ambassador advice for Pakistan

Outgoing Chinese Ambassador advice for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Amb Yao Jing, has said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be better served if Pakistan appointed officials who are experts on the functioning of Chinese government and its market.

In an exclusive interview with *Pakistan Today *and *Profit, *the ambassador said that on his exit from the country, he was happy at the progress that had been made between the relationship between the two countries, and that CPEC was on the right track.

The ambassador said that he did not feel that was any challenge to the progress of CPEC because it was proceeding in a timely fashion. There were only ways to make it better and stronger. One of his chief suggestions was the appointment of experts that knew the workings of the Chinese government, and markets closely and could advice Pakistan on how to navigate these mechanisms.

“CPEC is now well connected, much to the satisfaction of both sides,” he said. “The biggest concern if there is one is that Pakistani officials lack expertise on not just how the Chinese government works, but also how Chinese companies operate.”

“In China, for example, we have some experts that advise us on Pakistan’s functioning model. But there is a lot more to be done for Pakistani authorities to learn the functioning of Chinese markets and government,” he added.