China and Russia block UN Security Council western backed Resolution

China and Russia block UN Security Council western backed Resolution

MOSCOW - Russia and China have co-sponsored another resolution that stipulates the ceasefire regime should not apply to operations against terrorists from organisations designated by the UN Security Council.

Two permanent states on the UN Security Council, Russia and China, blocked an initiative that was proposed by Kuwait, Germany, and Belgium calling for a halt to all hostilities in the province of Idlib.

The UN Security Council failed to support the Russian-Chinese resolution on a ceasefire in Idlib, as it received only two votes in favour.

Earlier in the day, the UN Security Council commenced a meeting in order to vote on two contradictory resolutions link calling for a cessation of hostilities in Syria’s northwest: a draft resolution submitted by Russia and China, and a draft resolution presented by the so-called humanitarian troika - Germany, Belgium and Kuwait.

On 16 September, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia said that the current ceasefire in the Syrian city of Idlib had been violated by Islamic extremists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in later remarks that Idlib is controlled by radical groups affiliated with al-Qaeda* and that Russia, together with Iran and Turkey, is determined to put an end to the tense situation.- Sputnik