KPK Local Government by-elections in seven districts; Facts and Figures

KPK Local Government by-elections in seven districts; Facts and Figures

PESHAWAR (APP): The polling for different seats including district and tehsil members, village and neighborhood council for by-election of local government was smoothly underway in seven districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday.

The polling was started at 8 am and will continue till 5pm without any break. Big queues of voters are being seen in polling stations.

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The supporters of candidates have established special booths outside premises of polling stations for guidance of young voters.

According to Provincial Election Commission (PEC), the polling was being held at Peshawar, Swabi, Karak, Tank, Abbottabad, Buner and Lower Dir districts where the total registered voters were 116,208.

The voters in premises of polling stations would be allowed to cast their votes.

As many as 38 polling stations were setup in Peshawar, four in Swabi, 10 in Karak, 19 in Tank, 13 in Abbottabad, five in Buner and six in Lower Dir for facilitation of voters.

In Peshawar, 38 presiding officers, 99 assistant presiding officers and 99 polling officers are performing duties.

Similarly, four presiding officers, nine assistant presiding officers and nine polling officers have been appointed for Swabi whereas 10 presiding officers, 33 assistant presiding officers and 33 polling officers for Karak, 19 presiding officers, 43 assistant presiding officers and 43 polling officers for Tank, 13 presiding officers, 38 assistant pressing officers and 38 polling officers for Abbottabad were appointed for supervision of the election.

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Five presiding officers, 15 assistant presiding officers and15 polling officers for Buner, six presiding officers, 17 assistant presiding officers and 17 polling officers for Dir Lower were also appointed.

The ECP has provided extensive training train to the said staff.

Foolproof security arrangements for smooth holding of the elections were made. Police have made tight security arrangements.