108 MW Golen Gol Hydropower project : Status update

108 MW Golen Gol Hydropower project : Status update

VISLAMABAD (APP): The Unit-1 of 108 MW-Golen Gol Hydropower Project is expected to be commissioned in October 2017.

Official sources told APP her that efforts were also being made to complete the Unit No. 1 in June 2017.

They said that speedy completion of hydropower projects including Golen Gol is a must to get rid of power shortages in the country besides lowering the tariff for electricity consumers.

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The project authorities had already been directed to expedite their efforts on electro-mechanical works of the project.

The Prime Minister had also already instructed WAPDA to provide 30 MW of electric power to District Chitral.

They said Golen Gol Hydropower Project would not only help bridging the gap between electricity demand and supply but also play an important role for economic and social uplift of the remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa like Chitral.

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It is pertinent to mention that Golen Gol Hydropower Project is being constructed on River Golen Gol, a tributary of River Mastuj. Power generation capacity of the project is 108 mega watt (MW).

On completion, it will contribute 442 million units of low-cost hydel electricity to the National Grid every year.