WhatsApp set to launch a new interesting feature

WhatsApp set to launch a new interesting feature

ISLAMABAD - WhatsApp to launche a new interesting feature.

WhatsApp’s new Beta version includes a new Light Splash Screen feature for users. Splash Screen is essentially a new page that shows up initially when the app loads for the first time.

WhatsApp frequently releases beta updates for both Android and IOS platforms.

The company has been working on the dark mode for the past few weeks. The latest beta version which is 2.19.298 makes the date and event bubbles dark. Also, this version adds a splash screen with the WhatsApp logo but it follows the light theme.

The Dark mode on WhatsApp is not available for every user. If you are a beta user and want to know if you are eligible, then turn on the system Dark mode on Android 10 or iOS 13 as the app follows the system theme.