Pakistan urges global cooperation to confront challenges

Pakistan urges global cooperation to confront challenges

Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination, Dr. Fehmida Mirza has underlined the importance of cooperation between Asian and European countries to confront mutual challenges and threats.  

Addressing the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting Summit in Brussels, she suggested that Asia and Europe must join hands to address the issue of Islamophobia to promote an open, fair, equitable and transparent trading system.

Fehmida Mirza also underpinned the strong international cooperation as a prerequisite to tackle the issues of illicit financial flow and climate change. 

She said resolution of Jammu and Kashmir issue is imperative to promote regional peace and stability.

The Minister reiterated Pakistan 's determination and commitment to play a role for a cleaner, greener and a more prosperous world.

The biennial ASEM Summit was attended by 21 Asian and 30 European nations.