China's Xinjiang to become regional financial center

China's Xinjiang to become regional financial center

BEIJING: Xinjiang, aiming to become a traffic hub, a commercial logistics center, a financial center, a cultural, scientific and educational center, and a medical service center in the region, insists on attaching equal importance to bringing in and going out strategies, and promotes opening up to both domestic and foreign markets, so as to further accelerate the building of Silk Road Economic Belt, a delegate of Chinese Communist Party (CPC) said on Thursday.

“We will make full use of Xinjiang’s geographical advantages, work on corridors and projects of key and system-wide significance, speed up construction of railways, highways and civil aviation, to put in place a well-connected and accessible transportation network of high efficiency to build it into a traffic hub through infrastructure connectivity in the region,” he told APP on the sidelines of 19th CPC National Congress held in the Great Hall of the People here.He said, Xinjiang would be build into a center of commerce and logistics and improve its external economic and trade cooperation level.

“We will speed up putting in place a well-functioning system of commerce and logistics, increase the number of direct cargo trains from Urumqi to major European cities, and develop Xinjiang into a center of China-Europe international cargo train service,” he added.

He said a total of 749 cargo trains by far have made west-bound trips, and the Urumqi International Overland Port has been under full construction.

He said the province would be converted into a center of cultural, scientific and educational center to promote cultural cooperation and people-to-people exchange.

“We will continue to expand external cultural exchange and cooperation, and stage cultural events like China Xinjiang International Dance Festival and China Eurasia Expo-Chinese and Foreign Cultural Display Week,” he added.

To make Xinjiang a center of medical service and promote international medical cooperation, an international medical service and cooperation - exchange centers will be established in Xinjiang with Urumqi as the main base,and prefectural key medical institutions playing auxiliary role.

“We will actively carry out international medical services, diagnosis and treatment featuring TCM and ethnic medicines, and services of telemedicine and medical tourism,” he added.

A regional financial center will be build to enhance Xinjiang financial strength, he said and added, “We will try to establish a financial landscape with Urumqi as the center and Yili and Kashgar the sub-centers, and make effort to develop Xinjiang as China-Central Asia international financial center that serves Central-West-South Asia.”

To speed up the congregation of ten desired industries (machinery and equipment export, light industrial product, textile and garment export and processing, building materials export and manufacturing, chemical products export and processing, metallic products export and processing, information service export, imported oil and gas processing, imported mineral resources processing, processing of imported agro-forestry-livestock products) in Xinjiang.

“We will nurture a batch of high-tech for-export products of fairly high added value, and spare no effort to develop industries oriented towards countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt, and thus elevate the overall level of Xinjiang’s external trade,” he added.